Sunday, January 3, 2010

Nine days and counting

Though I am morally against blogging as it is slowly taking away my livelihood, it is, unfortunately, the best way to keep people back in the states informed of my adventures in London Town. I will try to stay faithful to this blog and upload countless pictures and anecdotes of all of the neat things I'm going to do.

I will be leaving St. Louis at 1pm on Tuesday, January 12, have a short layover in Chicago and leave from there at 5, eventually arriving in London at 6:30am, ready and rearing to take a Double Decker bus tour around the city.

This next week will be filled with goodbyes, as well as Mexican food and peanut butter (I hear they don't have these things in London). I also have a British Movie Marathon Planned, including all Harry Potters, Jane Austen movies, and countless others. It will also be filled with the biggest struggle facing me while preparing for this trip: which shoes to leave behind. In the words of Terri Shuester, it will be my very own Sophie's Choice.

Cheers! (That's what London people say)


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